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Return Policy

Return and Exchange

1. Johnson Electric Online Shop's customized products cannot be returned orexchanged due to customer reasons.


2. The customer should confirm the name, model, quantity,etc. of the product after receiving the product, and confirm whether it isdamaged or different from the product ordered by the customer or has a defect(hereinafter referred to as "defect, etc."), and if a defect isfound, Johnson Electric Online Shop should be notified within 1 week after receiving the product.


3. When the customer finds that the product is defective,after the customer returns the product, Johnson Electric Online Shop will review the product andconfirm that the defect is caused by Johnson Electric Online Shop, and Johnson Electric Online Shop will accept thereplacement. The shipping fee for replacements hall be borne by Johnson Electric Online Shop.


4. When there are defects in the products, Johnson Electric Online Shop onlyassumes the responsibility for replacement. In addition, Johnson Electric Online Shop is notresponsible for the loss of business interests to customers due to the reasonsspecified in paragraph 2 of this article.


5. If Johnson Electric Online Shop does not receive a notice about defectswithin the time limit specified in paragraph 2of this article, it shall bedeemed that the product has passed the inspection.


6. The warranty period for corporate customers is 6 months.