Motor for Food Processor Applications

Motor For Food Processor Applications

Johnson Electric products are custom designed to

align with the job to be done in residential and

commercial blenders and range from high speed high

torque applications in bar blenders to a full range of

speed and torque profiles custom engineered for

kitchen and stick blenders.


The high variety of food preparation automation

requires a wide range of motor performance. From

the high torque, low speed requirements of bread

makers to the high power, high speed needs of

general food processing, Johnson Electric provides

high efficiency motion solutions.



  • Quattro Pole technology delivers more power in a smaller package than conventional universal motors.
  • 30% higher torque at low speeds or 30% higher speed with more power for a wide range of food preparation options.
  • Improved blender design options with custom engineered compact Quattro Pole motors.
  • Wide speed range at high torque for stirring, cutting and blending
  • Highest power for stirring and cooking
  • Highest speed for blending and cutting

Food and Beverage

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