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Johnson Electric has developed innovative product technologies for power tool manufacturers to increase the total amount of work that can be done on a single charge. Our DC and BLDC motor platforms are designed to meet the power and torque requirements needed.

Our latest brushless motor technology improves air quality and energy efficiency. Intelligent electronic controls adapted to each customer's specific application enable constant airflow and low-noise operation. Johnson Electric's innovative home technology product platform includes the latest in brushless motor technology, as well as industry benchmark shaded pole motor technology.

Johnson Electric has extensive experience in automatic robot traction for current floor cleaning and lawn mower applications, and we has a better understanding of customer technical needs. Johnson Electric products can be customized for the power traction of logistics distribution robots and indoor service robots, and provide electronic control and software development.

We provides motor and switch solutions to meet a wide range of requirements, from high performance and long life professional products to light weight personal use products.