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General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Article 1 General(Purpose of this Article)
This clause is to stipulate the special conditions for online transactions through the onlinemall operated by Johnson Electric Group. (Hereinafter referred to as "JE").Johnson Electric Group Standard Terms of Sale for Non-Automotive Products (IPG) (https://www.johnsonelectric.com/en/tc) shall also apply.


Article 2 Definition
Clients refer to the units or individuals that go through the membership registration procedures inaccordance with the method specified by JE Shop and become full members.

Article 3 Recognition of these terms, etc.
1. Customers ordering products in the online mall operated by JE Shop shall be deemed to have approved the terms. Customers should use related services on the basis of fully understanding these terms.
2. When customers use JEShop's website, browse information and accept the services provided, in addition to these terms, they should also abide by the precautions, rules, and regulations related to each service, and bear corresponding responsibilities.


Article 4 Order
1. When customers order JE Shop`s products, please follow JE Shop`s procedures through JE Shop’s website.
2. Order Quantity
The order quantity of products in the JE Shop is limited to maximum 49 products per order.
If customers want to order 50 or more single-piece products, customers can make a quotation directly in the shop via email, telephone and other contact ways. In addition, customers can still place orders through the online store, but only orders of no more than 49 products will be processed in accordance with the general terms and conditions. Johnson Electric will process orders exceeding 49 units to request a quotation. Then, the Johnson Electric sales will contact the customer regarding the quotation request


Article 5 Payment and transfer of ownership
 1. Commodity price is paid in the following ways.
    - Credit Card(Visa, Master)

2. When paying by bank transfer, the transfer handling fee shall be borne by the customer.

3. The invoice will be sent to the customer along with the products. The processing of orders and the deployment of products will be carried out after JE Shop confirms the customer’s payment. If the customer does not receive the account within 24hours after placing the order, it can be regarded as the customer canceling the order.

4. Payment by credit card will be implemented in accordance with the regulations of the customer’s credit card issuing bank.

5. The customer’s credit card information is only known to the credit card settlement agency used by JE Shop, and the data will be stored on the settlement agency’s server. Therefore, JE Shop does not save customer credit card information.

6. The sales contract is established after the customer completes the payment.

7. The risk of loss of the products is transferred from JE Shop to the customer at the time of delivery, and the ownership of the products will not be transferred until the payment for the products recorded in this article is completed.


Article 6 Shipment and Delivery
1. JE Shop's delivery period is generally divided into the following three situations:
(1) Finished products: delivery and transportation takes 8-14 working days 
(2) Out of Stock: After receiving the order, JE Shop will determine the delivery period of the products according to the prescribed procedures, which is generally three months. JEShop will send the "delivery deadline contact email" containing the final delivery deadline contact letter to the customer's registered e-mail address.

2.  The delivery of products is carried out by the carrier designated by JE Shop. If the customer has no special delivery requirements, the freight will be borne by JEShop.

3.  The deployment and delivery period of the product will be determined after JE Shop confirms the customer's payment.

4. In principle, installments are not supported. Therefore, if customer orders multiple products with different delivery deadlines, they will be shipped according to the latest delivery deadline.

5.  After JE Shop delivers the products to the carrier, until the products are delivered to the customer, the customer shall not transfer the products to a third party or place any security rights on the products.

6.  The delivery area is subject to selection list of country or region in checked out page when product ordered. In addition, customers cannot specify a delivery date.

7. In the event that the customer refuses to accept the delivery of the product, and other circumstances that cannot be delivered to the destination due to the customer’s reasons (including the absence of the consignee), the products are deemed to have been delivered.

8. Buyer is obligated to pay all applicable taxes, duties and transportation costs which will be listed separately in the pricing. No additional charge will apply after checkout and payment is made in full. Delivery will be arranged by Seller to the location designated by Buyer.

Article 7 Return and Exchange
1. JE Shop customized products cannot be returned or exchanged due to customer reasons.

2. The customer should confirm the name, model, quantity, etc. of the product after receiving the product, and confirm whether it is damaged or different from the product ordered by the customer or has a defect (hereinafter referred to as “defect, etc."), and if a defect is found, JE Shop should be notified within 1 week after receiving the product.

3. When the customer finds that the product is defective, after the customer returns the product, JE Shop will review the product and confirm that the defect is caused by JE Shop,and JE Shop will accept the replacement. The shipping fee for replacement shall be borne by JE Shop.

4. When there are defects in the products, JE Shop only assumes the responsibility for replacement. In addition, JE Shop is not responsible for the loss of business interests to customers due to the reasons specified in paragraph 2 of this article.

5. If JE Shop does not receive a notice about defects within the time limit specified in paragraph 2of this article, it shall be deemed that the product has passed the inspection.

6. The warranty period for corporate customers is 6 months from the date of shipment.


Article 8 Cancellation of orders
In principle, customers cannot cancel orders. Therefore, customers are requested to fully confirm the content when placing an order.


Article 9 Limitation of Liability
1. When there is a defect in the product, JE Shop only assumes the responsibility for replacement. JE Shop shall not be liable for compensation for direct or indirect losses caused by defects in the product.

2. The product is designed and produced based on installation in general industrial equipment. Do not use it for other purposes. In addition, customers are requested to use and dispose of the purchased products according to the description of the products. JE Shop shall not be liable for any losses caused by the use of products in violation of the provisions of this paragraph.

3. The picture of the product may be different from the actual product.

4. JE Shop does not assume any responsibility for losses caused by the use of the services provided by JE Shop's website, except for cases where JE Shop has intentional or gross negligence.

5. Customers should choose products by themselves. JE Shop does not guarantee the suitability of the products, compatibility with other products, interchangeability, etc.

6. If the customer has any product quality problems, they should raise them to JE Shop in the manner specified in Article 11 within 12 months after the delivery of the products.


Article 10 Force Majeure
Due to external environmental reasons such as weather, traffic jams, road construction, or because the delivery date of the product coincides with a legal holiday, etc., and other objective circumstances that JE Shop cannot foresee, unavoidably, and cannot overcome, the delivery cannot be delivered within the final delivery period, JE Shop does not assume any responsibility.


Article 11 Notification
Please use the following methods to notify and contact JE Shop's online mall.
Johnson Electric Official Shop
TEL:+86 (0755) 2990 0961

Article 12 Intellectual Property

1. In principle, for the purpose of integrated development and planning of JE Shop`s products, the PDF and DXF files and other information provided by the online store can be used, but in any case, JE Shop`s copyright and this should be marked. Company logo, etc. Any use beyond the above-mentioned scope is an infringement unless JEShop's written consent is obtained in advance. Any intellectual property rights of third parties shall be retained.

2. If the user generates any intellectual property rights due to the use of this website, within the scope permitted by law, the user should directly and irrevocably transfer all the above rights to JE for free. If the law does not allow the transfer, the user should directly and irrevocably grant JE free exclusive use rights, and should completely abandon the use of these intellectual property rights at one time.

3. For software products provided to customers, the end user license regulations of the software products are also applicable. By installing or using the software product, the customer clearly acknowledges its validity.


Article 13 Applicable Law

The establishment, validity, performance and interpretation of these terms are governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.


Article 14 Dispute Resolution
Disputes between JEShop and customers related to this clause shall be settled through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, either party can bring a lawsuit to the people's court where JE Shop is located.


Article 15 Cookie Policy

Please refer to https://www.johnsonelectric.com/en/cookies for details.

June 21, 2021