Payment and Shipment

Payment and transfer of ownership

1. Commodity price is paid in the following ways.
    -Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

    -Apple Pay

2. The invoice will be sent to the customer along with the products. The processing of orders and the deployment of products will be carried out after Johnson Electric Online Shop confirms the customer's payment. If the customer does not receive the account within 24 hours after placing the order, it can be regarded as the customer canceling the order.
3. Payment by credit card will be implemented in accordance with the regulations of the customer's credit card issuing bank.
4. The customer's credit card information is only known to the credit card settlement agency used by Johnson Electric Online Shop, and the data will be stored on the settlement agency's server. Therefore, Johnson Electric Online Shop does not save customer credit card information.
5. The sales contract is established after the customer completes the payment.
6. The risk of loss of the products is transferred from Johnson Electric Online Shop to the customer at the time of delivery, and the ownership of the products will not be transferred until the payment for the products recorded in this article is completed.


Shipment and Delivery

1.The default of express delivery is FedEx and SF express, Johnson Electric Online Shop ship products with suitable courier depends on your destination.
FedEx is for countries and regions except China (include HK region).
SF Express is for China (include HK region)

2. Johnson Electric Online Shop's delivery period is generally divided into the following three situations:
(1) Finished products: delivery within 2 working days, transportation takes 8-14 working days 
(2) Out of Stock: After receiving the order, Johnson Electric Online Shop will determine the delivery period of the products according to the prescribed procedures, which is generally three months. Johnson Electric Online Shop will send the "delivery deadline contact email" containing the final delivery deadline contact letter to the customer's registered e-mail address.
3. The deployment and delivery period of the product will be determined after Johnson Electric Online Shop confirms the customer's payment.
4. In principle, installments are not supported. Therefore, if customer orders multiple products with different delivery deadlines, they will be shipped according to the latest delivery deadline.
5. After Johnson Electric Online Shop delivers the products to the carrier, until the products are delivered to the customer, the customer shall not transfer the products to a third party or place any security rights on the products.
6. The delivery area is subject to selection list of country or region in checked out page when product ordered. In addition, customers cannot specify a delivery date.
7. In the event that the customer refuses to accept the delivery of the product, and other circumstances that cannot be delivered to the destination due to the customer's reasons (including the absence of the consignee), the products are deemed to have been delivered.

8. Johnson Electric Online Shop shall NOT be responsible for all taxes and duties levied or imposed by any local, state, or federal governmental entity.